Jtag Tutorials #4 Downloading and Installing Games

This tutorial will show you how to download and install an Xbox 360 game to your Jtag/RGH hard drive so that you can run the game off the hard drive and copy a game off a disk to the hard drive. I also show you how to add the game to FreeStyleDash so that you can run the game from FreeStyleDash and get Title updates. Download Links: Xbox Backup Creator: http://dl.qj.net/down/xbox-backup-creator-v290350.html Jdownloader: http://jdownloader.org/download/index Download Game ISO's at http://www.xbox360iso.com/ search the DVD Game Downloads Section and the Jtag/RGH Game Rip Downloads. You can also try http://www.thepiratebay.sx/ Next Jtag tutorial will show you have to get Indie and Arcade games for free.


i did everything but when i download the backup creator it wont openBULLETZ GAMING
Hey modernwarfare, I have a qucik question? I just installed the FSD like in your video. I then used it to install W@W. Now that I have it installed onto xex menu in my game folder, how do I unlock the zombies without playing comapign?SkyIrony
+xXModdedWarfareXx I gotta ask you, I plan to buy xbox 360 4gb, and I do plan to JTAG/RGH it so it has freeboot. Can I put WD hdd in it? I would like to put 500gb up to 1tb, inside the xbox itself, not as external. You know the 4gb models are internal models and can have hdd upgrade.FALLOUT SNIPER1911
What jtag are you usingMrDummy Doom
I just keep getting Unable to determine xbox disc typeHALOHARRY2K9
damn every where i luck on xbox 360 iso you have to be signed up to something to download the games. you don't happen to now where i can download some do you ?Gam3inGpR0Zz
xbox 360 backup creator doesn't work for meLordRedgenold
When im using the xbox backup creator to extract the iso it takes me more than 3 hours and most of the time it corrupts the game, are there any solutions?TheSuperWolf393
BRILLIANT..i decided to buy it...this is fun....but i need to study everything...but itz okay....thank you man....but a silly question more.....with the original disc...after copied to HDD..if the file is lost..can i install it again from the original disk..?vinayak biju
Hi! If I use NXE2God (I own a bunch of games on disc, don't have the tools to create a backup, and I don't want to download them), what game type should it be?John Freeman, saver of hummens
i tried adding a game added the right path and everything but it doesn't show, then i tried adding dashlaunch to homebrew it worked fine, do you know why?gogetflared
can you show us video how to extarxt the larger files 15 GB games pleaseKenobi Style
I really do enjoy your tutorials, got my falcon jtag not to long ago and still have a ton to learn! turtorial on how to mod w@w zombies?SkyIrony
how do i install a game which comes in parts because mine is a God file which came with 6 part files. also does not come with a iso is just has loads of data files. And i got this from 360isoGam3inGpR0Zz
Xxmoddedwarfarexx I can't reply to that but I actually didn't see that and then I figured it out myself lolLordRedgenold
After I installed the game the game still isn't showing up in the games section in FSD 3. I did the DVD extract method.LordRedgenold
I have all my game installed to a hdd from a legit disk from a old non modded xbox I had and sold and I sold all my games is there a way to run them on fsd3 Teknogod17
HELP PLEASE!! Is it mandatory to have a freestyle dash?? Can I play these downloaded games without the fsd. If yes, how?Ahnaf Salam
j downloader is not work in i put the game in and says online but dos not download XEXvRGH JASPERS
Extract it. If you extract part 1 it will extract them all into a .ISO file. xXModdedWarfareXx
If the game is for a newer dash update than the one you are currently on then it might ask you to update the dashboard when you play the game. If that happens then yes delete the system update folder.xXModdedWarfareXx
I currently do not have any tutorials on how to Jtag/RGH an Xbox 360 console however I hope to in the near future. xXModdedWarfareXx
Like if u think its is good LV .HardFlip
Not if you have live block enabled in dashlaunch.xXModdedWarfareXx